Mount Taishan Industrial Development Group Co., Ltd. is located at the foot of the world-famous Mount Taishan Mountain. The Group has four wholly-owned subsidiaries, Hengze New Materials Group Co., Ltd., Hongxiang Medical Co., Ltd., Risso Chemical Co., Ltd., and Shandong Hongji New Materials Co., Ltd. The group company mainly produces four major categories of products: geotechnical materials, medical equipment, chemical products, and steel products.

The group company has a complete and scientific quality management system, and its products have passed ISO9000 and IS013485 international quality system certification. The group company can not only produce products that meet national standards, but also produce products that meet foreign standards such as Japanese, American, and European standards according to different customer needs, to meet the special technical needs of different customers.

We always adhere to the mission of providing first-class products, services, and solutions to the world, and will provide first-class services to users with first-class product quality and thoughtful after-sales service. We are your most sincere friends in the past, present, and future. Welcome friends at home and abroad to visit Mount Taishan Industrial Group, visit and guide, work together for common development.

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  • LED shadowless lamp for use in operating room

    LED shadowless lamp for use in operating room


    As an important equipment in the surgical process, the selection and use of shadowless lamps are crucial. This article explores the advantages of LED shadowless lamps compared to traditional halogen shadowless lamps and integral reflection shadowless lamps, as well as the correct usage methods of...

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    Are electric hospital beds safe?


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    How to choose HDPE anti-seepage membrane?


    As a special new composite material, HDPE anti-seepage membrane has been stipulated by relevant agencies as a mandatory construction consumable in places where water storage or dangerous goods are stored. HDPE anti-seepage membrane has good anti-seepage properties. The performance characteristics...

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